Taub Type

Taub Type was created to unify, express, and elevate ADP's communications. Named after ADP’s founder Henry Taub, Taub Type is an uplifting, inventive, and empathetic custom type system: Taub Sans and Taub Display. These variable fonts were designed in partnership with Chester Jenkins and reflect a classically proportioned, low contrast design that is workmanlike, elegant and dynamic.


Taub Display reflects the flow of the information and data that surrounds us. As a responsive and variable type system, it can adjust to contextual needs and data like the national employment report.



Total Private Sector -1.2

By Goods-producing Sector -0.03

By Service-producing Factor +0.42

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Taub Character Set
Taub Type draws its inspiration from the works of Karl Gerstner and Otl Aicher and was drawn on an offset pixel grid, which informs Taub Sans’ construction, and connects to our iconography and data visualizations.
Taub Sans is a variable font in 12 styles
with 512 glyphs in 48 languages.

Taub Sans Light

Taub Sans Light Italic

Taub Sans Regular

Taub Sans Regular Italic

Taub Sans Medium

Taub Sans Medium Italic

Taub Sans Bold

Taub Sans Bold Italic

Taub Sans Heavy

Taub Sans Heavy Italic

Taub Sans Super

Taub Sans Super Italic

Taub Display is a dynamic typeface that
brings data to life.

Taub Display 10

Taub Display 20

Taub Display 30

Taub Display 40

Taub Display 50

Taub Display 60

Taub Display 70

Taub Display 80

Taub Display 90

Taub Display 100